Fernando Carvalho - Master of Fine Arts, University of Notre Dame - was born in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Currently pursuing a PhD degree in design, Fernando lives and works in Nottingham, UK.





Cover Versions, 2018 (group show, artist)

THiNK, Nottingham - UK

Convergence: Processes and Outcomes of Social Design Practice, 2016 (curator/producer)

Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery, Kirkwood - USA

A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience, 2016 (group show, artist)

City Arts/Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham - UK

Salão de Artes Visuais de Guarulhos, 2016 (art salon/group show, artist)

Centro Municipal de Educação Adamastor, Guarulhos - Brazil

Tatuagens Urbanas (Urban Tattoos), 2015 (group show, artist)

Museum of National History, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Memória Descontínua (Discontinuous Memory), 2015 (solo show, artist)

Glicerina Gallery, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 

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